Studio AKJ by Audra Kiewiet de Jonge

Art & Interior Design

Studio AKJ specializes in comfortable and elegant luxury interiors. Audra Kiewiet de Jonge collaborates with clients to define, hone, and build their art collections and homes around their lifestyle and aspirations. Based in San Francisco and working on projects nationally.


Shop Studio AKJ is a perfectly curated online boutique launched by Audra Kiewiet de Jonge, the founder and principal designer of Studio AKJ Art & Interiors.

Shop Studio AKJ offers a range of homewares, antiques & collectibles, in addition to unique pieces from a global selection of independent designers and emerging artists. Functioning very much like a gallery, the shop showcases a tight collection of the most beautiful things found on our travels and online, with a focus on timelessness, design & craftsmanship. Our inventory is sold on a rotating basis as pieces become available. We are delighted to share with you the things we have always loved, as well as objets d’art newly discovered and sure to become longstanding favorites.